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Highest Paying Jobs In Canada 2018/2019 For Immigrants And How to Apply Online

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2018/2019 For Immigrants And How to Apply Online  

Paying  Jobs in Canada 2018… Canada is a top choice for persons who want to get high paying jobs and this is not surprising because the North American country is a highly developed country and the pay is generally higher than most countries of the world. The question which is usually asked is, “Which are the highest paying management jobs in Canada in 2018?” This question and more are what we would be answering in this article.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Highest Paying Management Jobs in Canada 2018

While researching and compiling this list of the highest paying management jobs in Canada in 2018, we had to check official statistics from online sources such as the Statistics Canada webpage and the Economic Social Development webpage.  Just in case you are looking to get employed in one of these highest paying management jobs in Canada this year, you should take note of the pay for these jobs. One thing you should have in mind though is that the highest paying jobs in Canada or any other country for that matter also require high requirements.

General Requirements.

Below are the General Requirements for Management Jobs in Canada except stated otherwise. Sometimes the requirements are a little altered depending on the job in view.

  1. A bachelor degree or a diploma from a reputable university or polytechnic.
  2. Good and proven interpersonal skills
  3. Good and proven people-management skills
  4. Ability to coordinate and effectively  manage a team to achieve desired results
  5. Ability to show good leadership skills, possess exemplary organizational, strategic thinking and creative problem solving abilities with proven experience planning and implementing objectives with excellence to achieve success.
  6. You are open-minded and approachable, have excellent interpersonal and communications skills including conflict resolution, facilitation and negotiation, with the ability to cultivate and foster a collegial, collaborative work environment. With proven ability to manage relationships with independent contractors and partners abroad, you also possess a firm understanding of international customer service and cross-cultural communications.

Highest Paying  Jobs in Canada.

Below are the highest paying  jobs in Canada in 2018 and the amount paid in earn job position as researched and compiled from the official sources.

  1. Economic Development Director – $114,400
  2. Utilities Manager – $112,320
  3. Public Administration Director – $106,662
  4. Engineering Manager – $105,903
  5. Health & Community Service Manager – $104,600
  6. Real Estate & Financial Manager – $103, 370
  7. Mining & Forestry Manager – $100,017
  8. Computer Systems Manager – $ 100,030
  9. Senior Business Manager – $100, 029
  10. Senior Government Manager – $98,025
  11. Post-Secondary School Administrator – $94,000
  12. School Principal & Administrator – $93,938
  13. Scientific Research Manager – $92,100
  14. Health Care Manager – $90,980
  15. Pipefitting Supervisor – $89,700
  16. Banking & Credit Manager – $88, 013
  17. Telecommunication Manager – $86,800
  18. Business Services Manager – $85,600
  19. Financial Manager – $86,247
  20. Corporate Sales Manager – $85,100
  21. Purchasing Manager – $84, 741
  22. Human Resources Manager – $82,284
  23. Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor – $82,118
  24. Marketing & Public Relations Manager – $83,219
  25. Manufacturing Manager – $78, 100
  26. Engineering Inspectors & Regulators – $80,085
  27. Telecommunications Contractor – $77, 080
  28. Construction Manager – $79,989
  29. Mining & Quarrying Supervisor – $73,912
  30. Facility Manager – $74,880

How to Apply

  • Online application is free
  • Applicants are to read carefully and follow the instructions when applying.

To register for the Canada jobs for immigrants, All interested applicants are to use the link below  to apply.


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